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santa cruz mountains. check out the south bay. moderate rain falling around willow glen as you notice here. middle east meridian avenue. san jose really santa clara getting some moderate rain. east fremont avenue. this is actually believe it or not mixed precipitation over mount hamilton falling right now as as we get tighter into the east bay you notice some lighter shower activity around the east bay livermore home street around the planes we are also seeing some light showers redwood stishtion palo alto, woodside highway 280 as you notice jefferson avenue redwood city and of course there is a winter weather advisory for the monterey county hills as snow is expected to continue there until friday 3:00 a.m. so how long will you need the wipers? and when will you be able to put the umbrella away. answer the questions coming right up. >> thanks sandhya. >> san jose police investigate a strange murder case. found
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dead inside his own apartment. amma is live in san jose tonight at the very housing apartment where he lived and died. >> this is stranger cases. stanley jurisdiction object son found dead inside his apartment police believe he was killed here but they don't know why he was killed or how long ago. they are witnessing to hear from the medical examiner on. that now he had been missing for a month. police were trying to track him down as well as a woman who he may have been involved with. >> his name is stanley jurisdiction object son and he was stabbed to death here at the hilltop. >>reporter: police have a victim and cause of death. what they don't have is a clear picture of what led up to stanley jacobson murder inside his senior apartment. until this morning he was a missing person. >> he was reported missing to the police department on february 18. >>reporter: benjamin lives down the hall from jacobson and doesn't understand how his best friend ended up back in his apartment dead. >> why the police about a m ago came and they couldn't find him
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and now they find him. can't overlook a body in a one room apartment. >> obviously he wasn't here. the fact he turned up here again later the you know again is something we have to piece back together like a puzzle. people was suffering from early stages of dimension a.when that's the case somehow some way those people wander home on their own. >>reporter: police have arrested a suspect and confident they have the rate person. what we don't know is if that person is regina butle butler. he called her his girlfriend and was in love with her but it's possible her intentions may not have been pure. >> there was speculation that she was involved in pros stawtion. there was speculation that she may have been trying to exploit him financially the rate now we didn't know. >> ramos butler last person to see jacobson and she was here at the apartments this morning when police found his body. >> before involved in drug no. drinking they drvrng too much.
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yrm whether happened. >> again we do not know if butler was the one arrested but police do weren't to stress that they believe it was an isolated incident and that they have the right person in custody so they want the residents here to know that they are safe. this is 7 in us? thank you amma. >> nearly 10,000 people came together today for an emotional ceremony honoring 2 fallen santa cruz police officers. memorial for sergeant lauren baker and detective butler took place at the pavilion in san jose in order to accommodate the large crowd including law enforcement from around the state and beyond. lillian is here now with a look back at the service. lillian. >>reporter: it's been 9 days since sergeant baker and detective butler killed in the line of duty. today a final salute. tv. >> they came from all over the country. thus of officers dignitary friends and family
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filled the hp pa ville i don't know to honor and celebrate the lives of 2 san jose police officers. 51-year-old sergeant baker and 38-year-old officer butler. >> 2 heroes. 2 friends. taken from us far too soon at the hands of a mad man. >>reporter: the 2 were shot and killed by a sexual assault suspect. making them the first santa cruz police officers to be killed in the line of duty. the flag draped casket surround by pictures of them and their loved ones. butler was a mother of 2 young boys. 5 and two years old touching moment when partner went one her oldest son joaquin wearing the police hat clutching a teddy bear. >> i whispered to her that i would take care of our boys. and made sure they would always know what a great person their
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mom was. >>reporter: baker was the father of 3. son who followed him into police service and 2 daughters including jillian. >> every day i'll carry the the values, morales, ethics and lessons that you instilled on me early on so thank you daddy. and today, celebrate yourself. there is so much to love. >>reporter: klaeing praised both baker and butler for their passion for the job and recounted what was known at butler high 5 story when the judge approved her first search warrant. >> best face break that a huge smile from ear to ear and as the judge raised his right hand to swear her in, beth high 5ed to swear her in, beth high 5ed judge salazar >>reporter: then came the farewell. but as the chef said today, the legacy will leif on.
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>> i love them both dearly. i will miss them forever. >>reporter: santa cruz police estimate that about 8500 people attended the memorial at hp pavilion. >> all right lillian kim reporting for us. thank you lillian. >> day began with two mile long procession from santa cruz to san jose along highway 17 american flag hung from an overpass as people line the road to pay their respects. mourner in santa cruz gather at the kaiser permanente arena where they watch the service on big screen tv. in all thousands of officers from around the state and nation paid their respect to the fallen comrade. >> incredibly moving and just makes me realize that these officers newtown lives on the lane every day for our community. >> you necessity, i didn't weren't to be alone. i wanted to be with my community. >> i would say they definance the character of the community. >>reporter: andal the road leading to the hp pavilion
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people stood, saluted and crie cried. memorial bracelet to honor the fallen officers now visible. metal tag engraved with sergeant baker and detective butler badge numbers cost 15 dollars and portion of the proceeds will be donated to the officer's memorial fund in. time to work law pen forcement goes on. police looking for the shooter who fired into a car during rush hour traffic. passenger in this white accura was shot in the chest near main and pwraint street. driver sped off lacking for help and stopped at market street agent called 911. man in his 30's and he's recovering from the wound. >> new at 11 state lawmakers from san francisco taking a local approach to stopping gun show at the cow palace. facility sits on state owned property straddling the san francisco san mateo county licenses. bill calls for supervisor from his both counties to approve a gun show permit. that's almost impossible requirement for
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promoters. assemblyman mark leno promoting the bill tomorrow with local anti-gun activist. last gun show at the cow palace in january saw record turn out days after the mass shooting in newtown, connecticut. >> in an abrupt turn around all charges have been dropped against redwood city school teacher who was cussed of abusing autistic students. 9 counts of misdemeanor abuse against electionies were based on statements by classroom aide who said she slapped kicked and withheld food from 2 5-year-ol 5-year-olds. pros can youtors now agree that there are inconsistency in the accusations and the charges were dropped for lack of credible evidence. >> new at 11:00 man car jacked by ex lapd officer chris corner filed claim for all of the 1.2 million dollar reward. richard says corner approached him on february 12th point ago firearm at him and had took his truck. the camp ranger called 911 and
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all arighted sheriff deputy. chris killed 4 people then later shot himself. sources say a couple tied up by chris but escaped could also file for the reward. >> more to bring you. new details tonight about the lions attack that killed a young woman. coming up next. insideen closure where young woman lost her life. how she and that big cat may have come face-to-face. >> also jackpot unclaimed. how much a single ticket is worth that was picked up at bay area store. >> and pop star justin bieber collapses during a concert. we collapses during a concert. we have the condition coming up. >> then litter on jimmy kimmel live. >> tonight we have music from rival sons dominic monaghan and l.a. lakers kobe bryant who tells us things. you tell us things, right. things, right. >> i
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>> new details tonight in the mauling death of volume up tier at wild animal sanctuary this central california. the fresno county kovrner says 24-year-old diana hansen neck was broken just moments after a male lions
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attacked her. of lisa is live in the newsroom with more for us. lisa. >>reporter: the coroner is also talking about how the whole thing may have happened. he says the young woman was killed because a gate was somehow left open. in only an instant the happy life diana hansen led with the big cat she loved, changed. yesterday the 24-year-old was cleaning a largeen closure alone while a male african lions was in a different area. according to the fresno county coroner a gator door was somehow left open. >> my understanding that the cat had just been fed and there was food in the bowl but the cat ignored the food in order to go out and have access to this young lady. >>reporter: the lions killed hansen by breaking her neck. happened quickly but the lions then tossed around the 24-year-old body for nearly half an hour. that's how long it took for deputy to take down
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the lions. >> we are a family. we lost 2 family members. >>reporter: she was doing what she loved and she did it with joy every day that she worked here. and she's going to be missed. >>reporter: hansen joined project survival cat haven team in january. it was supposed to be a 6 month long internship. she called it her dream job. >> she gave me a tour of the place before i left the next day and flew back. including the lions that killed her. >>reporter: state and federal authorities are now investigating. officials want to know whether lions was acting strangely before the attack. and whether cat haven followed proper workplace procedures. the body is being held in state department of fish wild life facility until test lab work done in a few days. live in the newsroom, this is abc 7 news. all right thanks very much. >> let's move open to other
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things. joy is leaving the abc talk show the view. of she has co-hosted the view for nearly 17 years now. 70-year-old comedian says it seemed like the right time to leave saying she wants to focus on other project including writing a play and returning to stand up comedy. last appearance in august and view appears on seven week day at 10:00 a.m. new at 11:00. teen pop star justin bieber tweets he's okay tonight after collapsing on stage in honor done. 19-year-old seen here in earlier footage faint from are shortness of breath according to spokeswoman. he took a 20 minute break then ignored doctor orders and finished the conserve. he tweeted thanks for everyone pulling me through tonight. best fans in the world. >> well someone in the bay area is 33 million dollars richer tonight. the heather farm shell station walnut creek sold the single winning ticket in last tonight super lotto plus drawing an hour before the drawing took place. >> we don't sell too much but i think now we will be. we
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definitely we will be. yes. >>reporter: the winner hars the option of taking home an estimated lump sum of 23.8 million dollars or pay out of 1.2 million dollars each year for the next 26 years. what do you think lump situation. either way you are a wish. >> can't lose either way. >> talk about what we talked about at the top of the broadcast that is the weather. >> sandhya here with live doppler 7 hd. >> yes we are still seeing action as you look at live doppler 7hd along with the national weather service radar in the santa cruz mountains pecking up moisture. look what developed the pink and purple here indicating rain mix snow over the santa cruz mountains. we are getting moderate rain around the region and as we look to the south bay here some moderate rain falling around campbell, west campbell avenue, heading to kirner avenue, coming down pretty good a and just to the east northeast of san jose we are seeing snow
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here in white over mount hamilton. so it is cold enough over the higher elevations that it is switching over to snow. in the east bay irvington district, free mont, parkway, mission san jose area, district we are seeing some light to moderate rain writ now. in the peninsula on the planes excuse me barbara avenue, mountain view, you can see el camino we are seeing some rain as well. as we look at the san mateo bridge rain drops falling here how much have we received so far. sampling. same thing san francisco $400. oakland $700 of an inch. livermore/100ths of an inch. some of you listen facing slick roadway like what you just saw there. as we nroobing our roof top camera to the bay bridge here not whole lot happening. beautiful later there. temperatures right now 49 if san francisco. 52 in oakland. half machine bay 46 degrees along with san jose and speaking of san jose see the slick streets counsel in the south bay here. temperatures right now 43 in santa rosa.
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down to 48 degrees in livermor livermore. here's what's coming. showers will remain south of the golden gate. through the early morning hour hours. partly cloudy for your friday afternoon and warming trend will get under way this weekend with look and feel of spring. here's the trough. area of low pressure producing the showers we are seeing rate now. trough will kilometer through tonight. mainly going to be heading south and eventually east into southern california and will continue to see the moisture wrapping back around so here's what will happen the showers will diminish as we head in the early morning hours. some of you heading out the door at 5:00 a.m. for the morning commute still spotty showers south bay down towards the monterey bay then notice by 6 or 7:00 o'clock it's all done and by the afternoon we are looking at partly cloudy conditions. if traveling to tahoe this weekend here's the deal. friday chance of snow. 38 degrees morning leof 22. weekend is looking fabulous for you skiers and snowboarders throughout with the fresh powder. so far 14 inches of
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snow has fallen in the last 24 hours an milder conditions expected for the weekend. tomorrow morning upper 30's to the mid 40's you will want to bundled up as you head out the door. if you are traveling south by monterey bay carry those umbrella early morning hours. by the afternoon pretty much ditch them. temperatures in the mid 50's to the low 60' 60's. only gets warmer heading into the weekend. temperatures in the low to mid 70's by sunday and monday. mild weather continues through most of next week and don't forget daylight saving time sunday morning 2 am you want to spring forward. 7 news has another great weather resource for you follow our site on twitter for weather conditions rain or shine. >> thank you sandhya very much. >> coming up next in sports. tiger woods back in the hunt after some dismal performances. after some dismal performances. >> where is he on the leader
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>> giants pitcher tim missed second straight start because of a blister on his rights fi middle finger. former oakland rae leaveer chad took his place
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and threw scoreless innings. san francisco lost to cliff lapped 6-4. pair of former a's jason and nick hit back-to-back home runs forth indians. >> other cactus leg play oakland knocked off the mariners with diving stop at third. throws to first in tim time. tommy turned in solid performance allowing 3 hits and striking out 3 scoreless innings. nice timing at the plate but not this vendor. steps right in front of the camera as he connects for a two run homer. oakland rolls to a victory. giants reliever sergio hitting for mexico in the world baseball classic. gave up 2 runs in the inth as atly -- italy rallies to we hope. mexico takes on team usa. pair of giants on the rows terse pitcher ryan and jeremy. the fear of injury has kept a lot of mainly league stars from taking part but those with did which is to represent their country can't wait to take the field. >> every other player i have
11:24 pm
talked to and just every single one of them is engaged and excited about it and in fact yesterday when we had a little meeting last nature i said i'm not hear to motivate anybody because you are here. >>reporter: tomorrow night warriors go for fifth state home win when they host jeremy lin and houston rockets. pacific division leading clippers where denver with the monster 2 hand slam. crud and bench were loving it. l.a. griffin respond with a 1 hand jam but the clippers clipped by the nugget and 107-92 the fina final. 12 state win at home. oak will home city at the guar guarden. fba leading scorer did your rant with 34. knicks j r smith with 36 and time running out. shot off the rim. thunder hang on for a victory. >> tiger woods own as share of
11:25 pm
the lead after 1 round of the world golf championship. let's go out to miami, tiger has lot of company at the top of the leader board. frederick one of 5 players at 6 under part. made a pair of eagle along the way. >> last week rory withdrew complaining of tooth ache. tooth better but not his game. 7 become at 1 over. tiger used solid short game to fear his skichblingts he made 9 birdie over all. 4 players including phil are one stroke back. >> and 7 sports was brought to you by river rock casino. >> thanks a lieutenant. >> all right take a close look at this church. >> yes. coming up next. why >> ye[ male announcer ]. why citibank's app for ipad
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okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up, the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. citibank popmoney. easier banking. live doppler 7hd still tracking moisture and in the form of rain and also higher elevation
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snow at mount hamilton. santa cruz getting mixed precipitation. street level in san jose. prune ridge avenue, highway 17 campbell getting moderate rain right now. here's the wake up forecast. few lingering showers. partly to mostly cloudy. temperatures mid 30's to 40's getting up in the low upper 40's by 8:00 a.m. . mick will be hear at 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. tracking the shower showers. dan and kerr license. >> thanks so much. >> church in florida getting attention tonight perhaps for the wrong reasons. exactly washington they had in mind look at the church. people thinks it lacks kind of like a chicken. 2 eye a beek. chicken. >> sure does. official name of the structure is church by the sea. pastor's wife says people tell her all the time the church looks leak a bird because it does. >> it does actually. >> kimmel live is next and kobe bryant musical guest rival son. >> thanks for joining news for all of us here, thanks for watching. abc 7 morning news
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starts at 4:30 in the morning. >> good tonight hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! ♪ wow. [ buzz ] delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so...
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- kobe bryant. dominic moynahan. and music from rival sons. with cleto and the cletones. and now, i promise you, here is kimmel! >> jimmy: thank you very much. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming.
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i hope you're all in a good mood. do you like my new shoes? [ cheers and applause ] they're the new kobe 8s. i wear an 11. these are a 14, but i'm sure i'll grow into them. kobe bryant brought these to me. kobe bryant, dominic moynahan, and rival sons are here with us tonight on the show. [ cheers and applause ] that will be fun. we had an interesting night last night. jessica simpson was here last night. she's pregnant again. she has about three babies a year now, i think. [ laughter ] apparently she has the gestation period of an opossum. enb unbeknownst to me, she decided to keep the gender of her baby a secret. ellen degeneres tried to pry it out of her to no avail. i didn't even ask her, and she blurted it out that she's having a boy. it turned out to be a big news event. i think that's the closest i'll ever get to hosting the maury

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